Jolla UI issues: drawers, controls, and video pausing

After a comment from @Iryus_4Ever, I thought a bit about the video player inside the gallery application. For those who didn’t notice, the video player pauses itself when you click on the screen, and shows controls. Another tap (outside the “play” arrow) opens the drawer, where you can find the back button indicator, as well … Continue reading

Sailfish OS, gestures and learning curves

Jolla’s Sailfish OS powered phone hits the shelves two weeks ago, and reviews [1] started to appear everywhere in the web. Some of them are positive, some of them are not. While I consider some of these articles as being unfair, I won’t comment them. Instead, I will comment about something these articles pointed out: … Continue reading

A reply to «Why do i care a lot about»

ZogG, an active member of Maemo community, shared his point of view about Jolla, and the recently announced specs of the Jolla phone. He pointed out many points that used to be criticized by other people, and underlined some others, that would prevent him in buying the phone itself, or maybe any other member of … Continue reading

The long journey from Nokia to Jolla

In echo to Faenil‘s article on his blog, I guess it is time to write my journey as well 🙂 It has been a long journey for me in the open-source mobile front. And it all started around 2 years ago, when I received my beloved N950. Actually it started quite some time before. Be … Continue reading

Thoughts and experiments: C-+

C-+, or cmp, Cmp, C±, is an idea that I got quite a time ago, when I was searching for an alternative to C++ for mobile devices, that could be efficient, and be able to use toolkits like Qt or GTK easily. C++ is a convenient language since it is quite low level, and have … Continue reading

Comments on Jolla UI

I used to give my point of view about Jolla’s UI and product whenever there is some material that are released by them, so this time, I will comment on the slides that Joona used for his presentation in China. They are interesting, colorful, and really nice. You can find them here. Beautiful icons ! … Continue reading

Announcement of Jolla phone, joy and sadness

Yesterday, Jolla have done the announcement of their first phone, and got overwhelming support from all over the world. The product is really beautiful and seems to be very intelligently designed. As a Jolla fan since the beginning, I was very pleased by what I have seen, but there were also something else, that makes … Continue reading