Posted in July 2012

Communities around mobile OS

Disclaimer : I’m not a community manager, and I don’t know a lot about community. Everything I learn is from observing other communities and being inside communities. This article reflects my own point of view, that is subjective, and may not reflect reality. Please comment about that if you want. Community is a very important … Continue reading

Qt Demos 1 : swipe ++

My blog is called UI, Qt and CSE. Currently, I have written extensively about UI, it is now time to write about Qt. I will write about CSE after the vacations, in September. When I created this blog, I wanted to talk about Qt, especially providing some tutorials and demos, and here is my first … Continue reading

About mobile apps

Apps. Even Jolla CEO acknowledges that apps are an essential part of a mobile ecosystem. But what I think is that apps are also confusing the user a lot (yeah, I know that I love topics about users being confused). Disclaimer : these opinions are my own, and are based on my usage of a … Continue reading

The history of swipe from the iPhone to Windows 8

Here is a small article about UI that use swipe. We will see how swipe evolved from a simple navigation usage to a central feature : task management. Let’s start with the first device, the iPhone. iPhone swipe, physics over navigation The iPhone was the first touch screen device that bring “intuitive” gestures. Instead of … Continue reading

Some Quick UI suggestions for Jolla 2

The previous article was pretty long just for some small considerations. I hour that this one will be shorter (I hope because I’m writing it from the N950) Be Skeuomorphic … Skeuomorphism is trying to mimic as much as possible real objects. Being Skeumorphic is very nice since it minimize learning time. A very good … Continue reading

Some quick UX suggestions for Jolla

Everybody is tweeting about #JollaSpec, and a lot of UX suggestions were already posted. It is time to post my own suggestions : Be intuitive Being intuitive is a bit vague, so I will just deal with two or three points that I really want to emphasize. Intuitive gesture While I was a kid, I … Continue reading

Jolla summary

UPDATE of the 19/07 : some tweets provides some information and clarification about the developer mode and the SDK. UPDATE of the 18/07 : a tweet confirm that Jolla will bring an app store UPDATE of the 16/07 : a second inverview of Jussi Hurmola brought some fresh information. I will blog a lot about … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog ! This blog deals with my adventures at EPFL, Lausanne, as a student in CSE (computational sciences and engineering), as well as my adventures as a developer. Most of my posts as a developer will be focused on usability considerations, and other UI stuff, using the Qt toolkit. There will be … Continue reading