Jolla summary

UPDATE of the 19/07 : some tweets provides some information and clarification about the developer mode and the SDK.
UPDATE of the 18/07 : a tweet confirm that Jolla will bring an app store
UPDATE of the 16/07 : a second inverview of Jussi Hurmola brought some fresh information.

I will blog a lot about Jolla these time, but first, and because of all the buzz Jolla created, I feel that it is important to have a summary of what was announced officially and what to expect. There will be no leak and no rumours in this article.

About the company

  • Jolla was created in 10/2011
  • It currently have about 50 employees, and are hiring about 5 people per week and they will be over 100 at the end of the year
  • They think that they have to grow. There is no place for a small company in the mobile world.
  • They don’t want to compete with Apple, Google or MSNokia, but want to create an alternative
  • They secured 10 millions euros for their first products
  • They will release one smartphone in 2012, as well as a developer friendly device, that will have a developer friendly mode and a modified version of this device that will be developer friendly.
  • All Jolla phones will have a developer mode

About their products

  • They are using Jolla OS, an OS that continues on the legacy of Meego
  • Jolla OS is based on Mer Core
  • On top of Mer, they will use Qt (either 4 or 5) as their graphical toolkit
  • They will provide Qt Components
  • They will not ship Nokia swipe UI, but will build their own
  • They want user to use the UI and not the reverse
  • They love multitask, application & data integration, like on the N9
  • They will have an app store

About their partnerships

  • They have a partnership with D.Phone, the largest Chinese phone retail chain

For developers

  • Applications seems to be deployed through the Qt SDK


  • They love open source
  • Jolla is Finnish for a small sailboat (to escape a burning platform)
  • They won’t support Nokia N9(50) since it is a Nokia product



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