Qt Demos 1 : swipe ++

My blog is called UI, Qt and CSE. Currently, I have written extensively about UI, it is now time to write about Qt. I will write about CSE after the vacations, in September.

When I created this blog, I wanted to talk about Qt, especially providing some tutorials and demos, and here is my first one ! If you remember the Swipe ++ concept I introduced previously, here is a small demo about it.

Clone the demo on gitorious.

For those who are not very familiar with gitorious, git, and Qt, here is a detailed procedure :

Linux users

  1. Install git. Most distributions should have packaged it.
  2. Install Qt. Again, most distributions should have packaged it. To install it easily, just install Qt Creator. It should download all Qt, and Qt development libraries. You should check if qmlviewer is installed.
  3. Clone my repository : in a terminal, type git clone https://git.gitorious.org/qt-demos/swipepp-demo.git
  4. Enter the newly created swipepp folder, and run qmlviewer swipeppdemo.qml

Windows / Mac users

  1. Install Qt. You can grab it from Nokia’s Qt website. You should the install QtSDK.
  2. Download a the source from my repository. Click in source tree, and then, download master as tar.gz.
  3. Extract the archive. 7zip should do the job.
  4. Open the qmlviewer, and open swipeppdemo.qml.

Mandatory screenshot

Please note that it is not exactly the behaviour that I have described in the previous post. Swiping the top level window closes the “app” instead of minimizing it. Maybe a newer version of the demo will be able to do that.


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