Once upon a time, a small cloud that wanted to be famous

OwnCloud was born in January 2010, and his father, F. Karlitschek was very proud of it. Quickly, a lot of people saw promising qualities in OwnCloud, like its interoperability, or its cryptography ability.

But in the world of clouds, OwnCloud was rejected. Even if it was really attractive, people preferred using iCloud or SkyDrive, that were prettier, and, very important, do not need to be deployed on a personal server. Not to mention Google Docs, the most praised cloud, with its ability to do nearly everything inside a browser.

OwnCloud had seen a small hope. Nokia once considered using it to replace its services. Well, this never happened, since Nokia decided to use WP instead, and then, Skydrive. So OwnCloud continue its road alone, with some of its friends.

While growing, OwnCloud received some love and a nice home build by M. Rex. In this home, OwnCloud was taught more and more features, like syncing with a desktop. Recently, it was even taught how to sync with an Android device, although the teaching is not yet finished.

OwnCloud is now a teenager. It is quite happy with the customers of owncloud.com and the open-source lovers that used it in personal servers. It is quite pleased that some developers develop plugins for it, but it still envy the others, like iCloud being integrated to the Mac, the new shiny logo of Skydrive, and Google Docs, that evolved into GDrive.

OwnCloud wanted an important company to pick it. It wants a mobile company, that can use it to develop a cloud easily. Owncloud knows its strengh :

  • Open source
  • Easily deployable
  • Many many features
  • Protect your private life

Some days ago, OwnCloud learn about Jolla, this company created by old Nokians, that are fan of OSS products. It also learnt about their intention to create a new smartphone, that they will use Qt. OwnCloud then remember its past. Its father was a developer in KDE. It also know that it have a sync client written in Qt.

OwnCloud really hopes that Jolla choose it to be the base of Jolla cloud service. It has so much to offer, so many features. But Jolla did not announce anything yet, so OwnCloud waits, and hope that one day, it will raise and shine like the others.

Disclamer : I’m not an employee of OwnCloud.com, and I do not contribute to OwnCloud. This is only my point of view about how Jolla can get a cloud-enabled service.


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