Posted in August 2012

Widgets engine RC1 for Harmattan

Following the beta2, the widgets engine is now in the release candidate phase. All the bugs I have found have been killed. Of cause there are still some of them, and a lot of enhancements to be done, but most of them will be addressed in 1.0.X fixes or 1.1 minor release. The release of … Continue reading

Widgets engine Beta2 for Harmattan

After the beta1, here is the beta2, that should be the last beta. A lot of bugs have been fixed, and the last feature I wanted to introduce in 1.0.X series is here: the wallpaper settings. Following this release, there will be some release candidates and the 1.0 release. I have setup a sourceforge page … Continue reading

Widgets engine: what do you want !

I received some tweets, as well as some posts on TMO asking for features. For a personnal memo, I will write them down here. Feel free to comment, and ask for more features as well. API Python support Features Custom background for each page Landscape support Resizable widgets

Widgets engine Beta1 for Harmattan

Hi Maemo / Meego fans, here is another techical article for you ! Here is the beta 1 release for the widgets engine. Nothing is final yet, and some stuff are broken, but this version should not brick your device, and should even be usable. With this beta, I also invite developers to think about … Continue reading

UI wise, what is Jolla preparing

We know no much things about Jolla UI. They said that it will be different from what we know, and that they want to bring fresh stuff, something different from the old 2003-ish iPhone / Android UI. They also say that their UI will be their differentiation factor. Actually, they are right to put so … Continue reading

Widgets engine TP1 for Harmattan

EDIT : Highly experimental package released. One more technical post. Many of you may know that I’m working on a widget engine for Harmattan, but that can be ported to Nemo, or any platform supported by Qt. After a long time working on it, refactoring a lot, and adding features, I will release the widgets … Continue reading

Flattr for donations

As you know, developers cannot hack money (yet), and unfortunately, most of the time, they need devices to hack on. UX designers and engineers also need to study devices, and make state of the art of the current trends. If you appreciate my work as a an open-source developer, and my UX and other studies, … Continue reading