Widgets engine TP1 for Harmattan

EDIT : Highly experimental package released.

One more technical post.

Many of you may know that I’m working on a widget engine for Harmattan, but that can be ported to Nemo, or any platform supported by Qt. After a long time working on it, refactoring a lot, and adding features, I will release the widgets engine soon.

Here is a technical preview 1 of this engine. There might be one more technical preview before beta and RC cycle, meaning that no much features will be added, and the focus will be on documentation and fixing bugs.

Source code can be found on gitorious.

The package is available here.

The highly experimental package that enables lockscreen widgets is here, but you have to be very careful about it. It eats kittens, and transforms phones into bricks. To unlock, click on the bottom of the screen, close to the border.

If you think that my application is nice, please consider donating by using the flattr button below. Thanks !

How to build it

For the Nokia N9(50)

This build includes some demo widgets, as well as a demo gui, that is used to setup a widgets view.

  1. Clone  / download source and enter to the root directory
  2. Open the project in Qt Creator and choose to build for Harmattan
  3. Pass to qmake CONFIG+=mobile
  4. Compile and deploy

For a software developer

My widgets platform actually consists of QML plugins + some stuff around (like widgets, demo apps). If you only want to have the plugins, you can follow this build method.

  1. Clone
  2. Enter root directory
  3. qmake && make && make install

You may want to run qmake like this

qmake DEPLOYMENT_PREFIX=installPrefix CONFIG+=noqtimport CONFIG+=debug

Then, the libraries and includes will be installed inside installPrefix.

Known issues

  • It is impossible to extend widgets with custom data engines currently. The includes are useless, and will be used to load plugins in the future.
  • Widgets do not take their z position in account.
  • Widgets cannot be configured.
  • The package manager takes a lot of time building the widgets database, in a non-threaded fashion.
  • Many many bugs should be addressed.
  • No doc for either dev that use libwidget or dev that develop for libwidget (like me …)
  • No unit tests.
  • Only one widget and two docks



TP2 will bring configuration for widgets, as well as more modules for mobile, such as application launcher.


During the beta phase, no feature will be added. Documentation and bugs tracking will be done.


I hope that I will release the app quite soon. I will target the 15/08.


One thought on “Widgets engine TP1 for Harmattan

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been following your work and it’s very nice and promising. I’m currently working on a QML-based homescreen for Nemo and I’d like to use your widgets solution to add support for widgets.

    Basically, I need the following:

    – widget surface, I see that there is WidgetsView
    – a way to load a qml file and add it as a widget – that would be cool
    – a switch to toggle “edit mode” – when on, the user can drag widgets, when off he/she can’t
    – the grid management feature seems nice, would be nice to see a video on how it works.

    I also see that there are lots of other features in your project, is it okay not to use them? For example, I have no need for backgrounds, docks, package management and those kind of things.

    Thank you in advance for your answer! 🙂


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