Experimental lock screen widgets, a FAQ

Don’t forget that first, the lock screen widgets are totally experimental, and may brick your device. But if you are brave enough, you can download it here.

Q: I installed it and the status bar restarts ! Is that normal ?

A: Yes, it is. The engine that is responsible of the status bar is also the one that is responsible of the lock screen. Don’t panic. You might panic if the phone became unresponsible and start to reboot in loops. If this happen, and this shouldn’t, you are done for a reflash.

Q: I installed it. Now, how can I unlock my phone ?

Currently, the only way to do it is to tap very close to the bottom of the screen.

Q: I installed it and it is stucked !

Wait ~1 minute. If it is still stucked, then, there is a problem. The first start of the lock screen should take some time, to search for available widgets and docks.

Q: I installed it and I cannot unlock my phone. The lock screen seems to be transparent !

This … might be normal. First, you phone should not be stucked or bricked. Click on the bottom of the screen as if you were unlocking, and you should unlock.

First, check if there is something in "/home/user/.wallpapers/wallpaper.png". If not, change your wallpaper. Then, use the widget app to add some widgets and docks. Then lock the screen again and see if something has changed.

If nothing has changed, open the terminal and killall sysuid.

Q: What is this “plain text” widget ?

A widget that I used for tests. It will soon became a widget to display a text.

If you have other questions, ask them in the comments.


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