Widgets engine RC1 for Harmattan

Following the beta2, the widgets engine is now in the release candidate phase. All the bugs I have found have been killed. Of cause there are still some of them, and a lot of enhancements to be done, but most of them will be addressed in 1.0.X fixes or 1.1 minor release.

The release of 1.0.0 finale will be done on monday 3/09. Testers have one week to report bugs that might be solved before finale, otherwise the bugs will be adressed in a future fix version.

For a list of bugs that were fixed, you can check the list of bugs for 1.0 milestone here. If you found a bug that is not listed in the open bugs and enhancement tickets, you should report it in the public bugtracker, that is desesperately empty.

New in this release: N9 clock !

Please read carefully the following FAQ. It contains very important informations !

The package can be downloaded here.

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Q: Is this release stable ? I’m afraid of briking my phone

A: If you are afraid of bricking your phone, then you should stop tweaking the N9. But you will miss a lot of features that the awesome Maemo community brings. And you shouldn’t be afraid of tweaking, and reflashing, since it is a simple task and do not occur often. I recommand you to use it and test it. This release candidate should be very stable, even if some minor bugs occurs.

Q: I’m not using / inception / open mode / unrestricted sysui, do I need them ?

A: nothing is needed, it should work for both stock and unrestricted system ui. With unrestricted sysuid, the safe mode may be triggered, but it is normal, because of the reboot that is triggered when installing widgets.

Q: I have bugs when using landscape lockscreen, or unrestricted sysui. What should I do ?

A: I’m testing on a device running unrestricted system ui, but not the landscape lockscreen. Landscape lockscreen is currently unsupported, but might come in a future release. Please do not mix too much tweaks as the combinaison might create some bugs or do not work at all. You might want to disable landscape lockscreen before installing lock screen widgets.

Q: I installed it and the status bar restarts ! Is that normal ?

A: Yes, it is. The engine that is responsible of the status bar is also the one that is responsible of the lock screen. Don’t panic. You might panic if the phone became unresponsible and start to reboot in loops. If this happen, and this shouldn’t, you are done for a reflash.

Q: I installed it. Now, how can I unlock my phone ?

A: You should either use a dock that provides unlocking, such as the slide to unlock widget. You can also launch an app, that will automatically unlock the view. Finally, you can type on the grey bar at the bottom. Note that normal swipe is tricky to trigger since my lockscreen do not perfectly integrate in Nokia swipe UI. I have to figure this out.

Q: Widgets / docks are not saved !

A: You should go back in the menu to save widgets or docks. It is for performances and powersaving reasons. Just press the back button and the widgets will be saved and pushed to the homescreen.

Q: What is this grey bar at the bottom ?

A: Currently, only a debug way of unlocking. Soon, it will become an official unlocker, with a drag up gesture.

Q: I have problems with low power mode !

A: Low power mode is not supported, and I don’t really know how to support it from now, since I don’t have an N9. However, I plan to support it in a near future. Currently, you should disable LPM in Settings > Device > Screen.

Q: It is slow ! Performances are horrible !

A: Well, I don’t know why and I even think that it is normal. I tried to use both QML using a bridge and plain graphics view (meego-touch) to code stuff on the lock screen, and it was slow all the time. I don’t know if it is because of the system-ui that is not hardware accelerated, or other things.


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