Posted in October 2012

Winter project, brainstorming session 1

As you have seen in the previous posts (like Beyond form-factor differenciation, challenges of hybrid devices ), nowardays, computing devices have a tendancy of having a lot of form-factors. The two big categories are those that use keyboard and mouse to interact (desktop, laptop, netbooks) and those using touchscreens (smartphones, tablets etc). Hybrid devices with … Continue reading

publictransportation, call to developers

As I have said in the previous blog post, I’m working on an “universal” publictransportation application for Linux based mobile phones (and maybe desktop). It primarily targets the N9, but could be ported into the N900 quite easily (I don’t own a N900 so cannot do the port). It will also be released for Jolla … Continue reading

Jolla summary 2

Here is a second Jolla summary, some month after the first one. Now that we have a lot of more information, there is, again, a need to recap everything. TL, DR ? Read the quick recap at the end. (EDITED thanks to MartinK on TMO that points that Mer does not provide a Kernel) Jolla, … Continue reading