publictransportation, a (universal ?) public transportation solution

publictransportation is a pet project that I started one year ago, but that I have rewritten several times. Recently, I decided to give it a bit of love, and here are some screenshots are the results 🙂

I hope to release soon. This application might interest those living in Lausanne or Switzerland, but maybe not others, except if they are willing in writing plugins / scripts to work with my solution 🙂

The main page is a bit empty, maybe there will be more after

The provider pages is waiting for your plugins !

Searching for stations

Searching is universal, and run across all enabled providers. Here is a search with both provider for Lausanne’s only and for whole Switzerland. Sadly, there are duplicates …

A list of lines and directions from “Lausanne Flon”


Do you like it ? What features do you want ? Let me know by commenting or pinging me on twitter 🙂


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