Posted in November 2012

Sailfish — time for critics

Alright, I think that I posted enough on various media about how Sailfish is nice and how it is easy to use but no UI is perfect. Sailfish fixes some of the the biggest problems in mobile UI, but they are still some rough edges. I know that it is still work in progress and … Continue reading

Sailfish, a breath of fresh air in UI

On JollaFr blog, I first praised Sailfish multitasking style, saying that it was a really neat way to interact with multiple tasks, however, after attending to their UI session, it is clearly more than just putting some controls on multitasking cards. Simplicity, logic and magic Starting with these three words, designers at Jolla worked hard, … Continue reading

Jolla at Slush — live and impressions

I’m at Slush, a really impressive exposition. It takes place in an old Nokia cable factory, as if startups could be borned in a place marked by Finalnd’s giant. Many many startups are present, and most of them seems really interesting. But I’m here first to cover Jolla’s announces. Jolla’s stand is a small and … Continue reading

The road to Jolla

Alright, I’m packed: Everything is ready and tomorrow, I will fly to Helsinki to cover the different announces of Jolla. I will try to live-cover on both this blog in english, JollaFr, in french, and my Twitter feed, in english as well.  I will also try to do some analysis and comment on their UI. … Continue reading