Jolla at Slush — live and impressions

I’m at Slush, a really impressive exposition. It takes place in an old Nokia cable factory, as if startups could be borned in a place marked by Finalnd’s giant. Many many startups are present, and most of them seems really interesting. But I’m here first to cover Jolla’s announces.

Jolla’s stand is a small and nice one. Mate and warm colors, minimalist logos, lovely.

Here is the link to the main stage stream:


Jolla changed their logos (well, it seems that they have many of them)

Jolla website is launched (

And Jolla sailfish have a real nice logo

Jolla Logo (Thanks @JollaPl)

This article will be updated during the day, don’t hesitate to come back and check it.

EDIT2: seems to be an official wiki and provides yummy informations, like “The ability to run some Android apps without modifications” or “No DRM”

EDIT3: 5 minutes before the event !

EDIT4: the wifi died and I wasn’t able to send more posts. But I will write quite a series of articles. It is really nice !


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