Jolla countdown 2 !

The announcement of the Jolla phone is very close now, as we only have to wait 7 days. Like for Slush, I built a countdown for that event.

This time, I decided to do a small redisign, and tried to make the application funnier. Of cause, the countdown is still here, displaying milliseconds when maximized, but only displaying the numbers of days that are left when minimized. The top part was allocated to the logo of Jolla before, but I decided to make it more lively. It now selects a Jolla logo at random, or pick tweets with the hashtag #Jolla, #JollaLoveDay and #JollaCountdown if there is an internet connection.

Here is my tweet announcing the new countdown.

Download and install

The best way to download and install is to install my repository.

  1. Download and install this package.
  2. Use the terminal or an application to install jollacountdown2

Or you can install it directly from here. However, you won’t get updates (especially when the time is known).


Sources can be retrieved from GitHub.

Logos, backgrounds and brands are property of their respective owners. Only the code is under BSD license.


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