Introducing weatherfish (and also ambiancechanger)

With the release of the new Sailfish SDK, that includes tons of goodies, I decided to write an application to test the SDK. Of cause I ported my ambiancechanger to the new SDK, and was surprised that it was still working and that the hack I was using was still valid.

I did not packaged ambiancechanger yet, but you can grab the sources from github, and compile it yourself if you want. The repository is here.

It all starts with an idea

My second application, weatherfish, started with an idea, when people on IRC were discussing about, the openstreetmap of weather. The API was simple, and the data seems to be pretty accurate, so I decided to do a weather application for Sailfish.

After writing code to connect to OpenWeather, I thought about the UI. It should not be crowded and functional like the one from MeeCast or Accuweather (on N9)

Accuweather for N9 (Source

Accuweather for N9 (Source

I just wanted to do something simple, with more powerful options to unlock when interacting with the app, but simple at the beginning. So I took inspiration from Yahoo Weather. Yahoo Weather uses Flickr images as background, and I thought it could be a good idea, so I decided to do the same, and fetch photos from Flickr to decorate my application.

Only essential informations should be displayed, so temperature, and an icon to indicate the weather. After some coding, I created weatherfish, a very simple Sailfish applciation, yet good-looking. It uses the new attached-page system to be able to navigate between cities without swiping left right (conveinent when you have many cities).

Mandatory screenshot, and source code available here.


Only the beginning

Of cause, this application is only at an early stage. I thought about so many enhancements that could be nice, like

  • Deep integration to ambiance and the event feed (need proper API)
  • Display informations about the forecast (every 3h or 10 days)

And your ideas are welcome, don’t hesitate in sharing them in the comments 🙂

PS: yes, this is a boring blog post. Soon maybe I will be able to finish (start ?) a series of blog posts about my life as an intern at Jolla … And oh ! I also need to talk about the Ubuntu Edge …


One thought on “Introducing weatherfish (and also ambiancechanger)

  1. The app looks good so far.
    Regarding the flickr pictures as bacgrounds, are they meant to be “located” pictures with the selected town or just nice pictures? I think this is good to have predefined backgrounds (even if “artificial” ones can look better than photos sometimes) but the best is to let user also put what they want as a background…

    Depending on when you planned to talk the Ubuntu Edge, it will probably just specaking about a past concept :/

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