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The road to MWC

Hello everybody, As you know I’m going to the MWC ! This will be a very good opportunity to populate my blog again, since it was inactive for quite a long time. I will probably try to grab some news from Jolla, but will also try to cover the latest enhancements in all mobile OS. … Continue reading

[Dev] Having fun with an Iconia tab

I got an Iconia tab as a sort of Christmas present, and I’m very excited about it because it is my first tablet. Having a tablet now bridges some gaps in form-factors in my device collection, and I can study more user-cases with it. This article, or maybe series of articles, will describe some hacking … Continue reading

Jolla at Slush — live and impressions

I’m at Slush, a really impressive exposition. It takes place in an old Nokia cable factory, as if startups could be borned in a place marked by Finalnd’s giant. Many many startups are present, and most of them seems really interesting. But I’m here first to cover Jolla’s announces. Jolla’s stand is a small and … Continue reading

Widgets engine: what do you want !

I received some tweets, as well as some posts on TMO asking for features. For a personnal memo, I will write them down here. Feel free to comment, and ask for more features as well. API Python support Features Custom background for each page Landscape support Resizable widgets

Flattr for donations

As you know, developers cannot hack money (yet), and unfortunately, most of the time, they need devices to hack on. UX designers and engineers also need to study devices, and make state of the art of the current trends. If you appreciate my work as a an open-source developer, and my UX and other studies, … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog ! This blog deals with my adventures at EPFL, Lausanne, as a student in CSE (computational sciences and engineering), as well as my adventures as a developer. Most of my posts as a developer will be focused on usability considerations, and other UI stuff, using the Qt toolkit. There will be … Continue reading