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The long journey from Nokia to Jolla

In echo to Faenil‘s article on his blog, I guess it is time to write my journey as well 🙂 It has been a long journey for me in the open-source mobile front. And it all started around 2 years ago, when I received my beloved N950. Actually it started quite some time before. Be … Continue reading

Thoughts and experiments: C-+

C-+, or cmp, Cmp, C±, is an idea that I got quite a time ago, when I was searching for an alternative to C++ for mobile devices, that could be efficient, and be able to use toolkits like Qt or GTK easily. C++ is a convenient language since it is quite low level, and have … Continue reading

Comments on Jolla UI

I used to give my point of view about Jolla’s UI and product whenever there is some material that are released by them, so this time, I will comment on the slides that Joona used for his presentation in China. They are interesting, colorful, and really nice. You can find them here. Beautiful icons ! … Continue reading

Jolla countdown 2 !

The announcement of the Jolla phone is very close now, as we only have to wait 7 days. Like for Slush, I built a countdown for that event. This time, I decided to do a small redisign, and tried to make the application funnier. Of cause, the countdown is still here, displaying milliseconds when maximized, … Continue reading

Winter project, brainstorming session 1

As you have seen in the previous posts (like Beyond form-factor differenciation, challenges of hybrid devices ), nowardays, computing devices have a tendancy of having a lot of form-factors. The two big categories are those that use keyboard and mouse to interact (desktop, laptop, netbooks) and those using touchscreens (smartphones, tablets etc). Hybrid devices with … Continue reading

publictransportation, call to developers

As I have said in the previous blog post, I’m working on an “universal” publictransportation application for Linux based mobile phones (and maybe desktop). It primarily targets the N9, but could be ported into the N900 quite easily (I don’t own a N900 so cannot do the port). It will also be released for Jolla … Continue reading