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A reply to «Why do i care a lot about»

ZogG, an active member of Maemo community, shared his point of view about Jolla, and the recently announced specs of the Jolla phone. He pointed out many points that used to be criticized by other people, and underlined some others, that would prevent him in buying the phone itself, or maybe any other member of … Continue reading

Comments on Jolla UI

I used to give my point of view about Jolla’s UI and product whenever there is some material that are released by them, so this time, I will comment on the slides that Joona used for his presentation in China. They are interesting, colorful, and really nice. You can find them here. Beautiful icons ! … Continue reading

Jolla countdown 2 !

The announcement of the Jolla phone is very close now, as we only have to wait 7 days. Like for Slush, I built a countdown for that event. This time, I decided to do a small redisign, and tried to make the application funnier. Of cause, the countdown is still here, displaying milliseconds when maximized, … Continue reading

I like Sailfish but … 2nd episode, the WP syndrom

Sailfish is far away from Windows Phone in term of overall design. Being buttonless and caring a lot about launched applications, Sailfish can be seen as way more efficient and effective. But while I studied the OS in details, thanks to the numerous videos, and hands-on demos I have seen, I found that actually, Sailfish … Continue reading

I like Silica, but …

Today, Jolla released their SDK, showing to the world their hard work on making an interesting, pretty and smart UI. To help developers building their applications, they also created a set of graphical components, that can / should be used in 3rd party applications. This set of components is called Silica. Silica is really gorgeous, … Continue reading

2013, an interesting year for the mobile industry

So, today, Ubuntu revealed their mobile OS, something based on Android, but providing a full GNU Linux stack, that raises the number of competitors to the duopoly Android-iOS to … 7. In the announcement order Samsung Tizen Gram OpenWebOS Firefox Mobile Microsoft Windows Phone 8 RIM Blackberry 10 Jolla Sailfish Canonical Ubuntu for mobile Surprising … Continue reading